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Building Code Administrators & Inspectors Board Meeting - Conference Call - RULES WORKSHOP

SOLD OUT - TELECOURSE - Permit Tech Study Course 4 hours - Part 1 of 2 - June 2020

TELECOURSE - Permit Tech Study Course 4 hours - Part 1 of 2 - June 3, 2020

Building Code Administrators & Inspectors Board Meeting - Conference Call

Legislative Day 2019
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Legislative Day 2019 - March 26

The annual BOAF Legislative Day in the Capitol is a great opportunity for Building Code Professionals to take our commitment to “Building Safety” directly to the Legislature. 

1.      The Florida Building Code Works, and Building Code Professionals play a critical role in verifying that buildings and systems are designed and built in accordance with the Florida Building Code

2.      Continued development of the Florida Building Code to reflect lessons learned and new technologies is crucial for assuring that the Code is as effective as possible

3.      Fair and reasonable licensing practices are an important part of making sure that qualified individuals are in responsible positions to be held accountable for code compliance

4.      Trade specific continuing education is an essential ingredient for a knowledgeable workforce

Our message reflects our role as an impartial advocate for building safety, and you can help us communicate this message by participating in the 2019 BOAF Legislative Day event on March 26, 2019. 

The event will start with a dinner the evening before which allows us time to network with other participants and discuss legislative issues. The next morning, we will attend a briefing on session activity to date by our Legislative Consultant, David Ramba with Ramba Consulting. We will then walk the halls of the capitol in small groups, meeting with as many key senators and representatives as possible. We may attend committee hearings on relevant bills if any are scheduled that day. We will have a lunch at the Governors Club and continue meeting with legislators in the afternoon.

This year we will be proposing legislation to modernize many of the processes that we are mandated to enforce and fix other statutes dealing with the cross-training program and the internship program.

Please visit the BOAF website to register for this event and mark your calendar for the 2019 BOAF Legislative Day on March 26, 2019. We hope to see you there!


John O’Connor, Legislative Committee Chair

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