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Internship FAQs
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I heard about the internship Certification program. What is it? The 2017 Florida Legislative Session added another path to inspector and plans examiner licensure. Each jurisdiction that plans to offer an internship program will submit a BCAIB Internship provider and program application along with their program information to DBPR. (These current forms are under review and are being revised, be sure to check prior to submitting to ensure you are using the most current application).

Where can I find the statute governing internship programs? Paragraph 7 of Florida Statute 468.609 addresses licensure through internship. 

Where can I find the rules for internship programs? Please review Florida Administrative Code Rule 61G19-7.0016 Internship Certification Program.

How do I get my jurisdiction’s program approved? The Building Official should complete the provider and program application for their jurisdiction’s internship program. Program documentation should include an outline of what will be covered in the intern’s training, benchmarks for performance, a method of documenting the training, an example of the certificate of completion that will be signed by the Building Official overseeing the program. Submit your complete internship program package and plan to attend the BCAIB meeting where your program will be approved or denied. Be prepared to answer any questions the Board members may have about your program.

Does BOAF offer an Internship Program that my jurisdiction may participate in? No, only a jurisdiction may submit an internship program to DBPR for approval. BOAF plans to create a model program that may be used by BOAF Members to obtain approval for their jurisdictions. Check back soon for more information.

May private providers participate in an internship program? No, the statute specifies that applicants must be employed full-time by a municipality, county, or other governmental jurisdiction. 

How long does an internship last? Intern programs are four (4) years long. For initial licensure, based on your applicant’s education and experience, that time requirement may be reduced to one (1) year.

For an individual who holds a standard license in inspections or plans review, the program is a 12-month internship.

Does BOAF offer an approved training course for internship programs? Yes, BOAF was the first training provider to receive approval for a 48-hour building course that may be used for inspector and plans examiner interns. Check the BOAF Webpage for upcoming courses. The entire course is broken down into smaller components, most offered in face-to-face classes, some available online.

Can a Permit Technician enroll in an internship program? Yes, anyone may apply to BCAIB to enroll in their jurisdictions internship program. Depending on the individual’s education and experience on the job, the 4-year requirement may be reduced to a lesser amount of time.

Will I earn CEUs towards my license renewal while taking the required internship class hours? No, the internship course does not include CEUs.

May I participate in more than one internship program? No, you may enroll in only one internship program at a time. Upon completion of the program, you may apply to BCAIB to enroll in your next program.

How detailed does the jurisdiction program and application need to be? The more information you provide on what an individual will receive during their internship, the better.

Does an individual that wants to be in an internship program need to fill out an application with the state? Yes, you must apply to BCAIB. Your intern must receive a provisional certificate to begin interning in your jurisdiction’s BCAIB-approved intern program. Those forms are currently being reviewed and revised, and will be located on the BCAIB Website.

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