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Cross Training FAQs
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Q. What is the Cross Training Program?

A.  BOAF’s Cross Training Programs for Inspectors and Plans Examiners is an alternative eligibility path to certification in an additional category for participants that qualify per 61G19-7.001(1).  This comprehensive program is designed with a foundation of building code courses and on-the-job training  for new-hires or individuals seeking licensure in additional categories to replace the State’s 5-year experience requirement.

Q.  What are the requirements to be in the Cross Training Program?

A.  An individual must be licensed through F.S. 468 or certified through F.S. 633.  They must provide 3 years of verifiable full time work experience in inspection or plans review and must have a trainer that is endorsed in the category of the program the individual is applying for.  If you are a Firesafety inspector you also must provide a copy of your Firesafety Certificate.

Q.  How long do I have to complete a BOAF Cross Training Program?

A.  BOAF’s Cross Training Programs need to be completed within 36 months (3 years) from the date of approval.

Q. Is the Cross Training program for both residential and commercial inspectors?

A. When you have completed your Cross Training you will have been exposed to both commercial and residential code applications. While a standard license will allow you to inspect/review both types of applications it does not qualify you for a 1&2 Family license in the State of Florida. Additional training is required.

Q.  How many Cross Training programs can I be in at the same time?

A.  You may only be in two BOAF cross training programs at one given time.

Q.  How do I apply for the Cross Training Program?

A.  An individual must complete the BOAF online Pre-Participation Application, upload their 3 year work experience affidavit, trainer information form, trainer license verification documents and pay the non-refundable pre-participation application fee of $250.00.

Q. How do I upload my work experience form, trainer information form and trainer license verification documents?

A. When you are in the Pre-Participation Application, you will complete all the fields in the application.  You then will scroll down to the bottom of the Pre-Participation Application page and you will see there is a “Choose File” button on the bottom of the screen this is where you will upload all the documents.  You will need to scan all the required completed documents into your computer and save it as one document.  When you click on Choose File, it will go to your saved documents and you can click on the file that contains all your documents and click Open.  You will then click Submit and your application is complete.

Q.  What are the requirements of my trainer?

A.  A trainer must be licensed and endorsed in the category of the program that the applicant is seeking.  A trainer must complete a Trainer Information Form and submit a copy of their licensee details to include endorsements as listed on DBPR.  Once an applicant is approved for the program, a trainer must sign the OJT Report for each training he has performed on the date of the training.  At the end of the program, a trainer is required to fill out and sign before a notary a Trainer’s Affidavit.


Q. What do I need to do if I need to change or add trainers?

A.  If you need to change or add a your trainer, you need to have the new trainer fill out and sign the Trainer Information Form along with the copy of the trainer’s licensee details to include endorsements as listed on DBPR and forward it to the BOAF office.  Once the office has had a chance to review and process the request, the Cross Training Participant will be emailed with a confirmation that the trainer has been added.  Do not start the training with that trainer until you have received the confirmation.

Q.  Once I submit my Pre-Participation Application when can I start my OJT?

A.  When your pre-participation application is received it is reviewed and processed.  You will receive an email from BOAF with your approval date and expiration date.  OJT done before the approval date is not accepted.

Q. Should I take the training class before or after my field training?

A. After you receive pre-participation application approval, you may begin your OJT and coursework.  Several courses are available online and several are offered at the BOAF office twice a year.

Q. Can I train in a larger, more diversified jurisdiction?

A. Yes. If the community you work in has limited construction projects and/or limited personnel, you may be better served, and better able to serve your community, by receiving training in a larger jurisdiction. Many municipalities have inter-local agreements with the County or other municipalities nearby that would allow for you to receive better or more diverse training opportunities. If you choose this option, contact the BOAF office before you start training for specific needed documentation and authorization.

Q. Do I need to use the most current edition of the Cross Training documents?

A. Yes, check the BOAF website at to ensure you have the most current editions of all of the forms.

Q. Does my OJT need to be typewritten?

A. No, just remember, if you can’t read it, neither can we. This may cause delays or even return of your application. The important thing to keep in mind is that this training replaces the required 5 years of experience. Please be neat, complete and ensure the trade specific information requested is detailed on the forms.  If you have any questions along the way, contact us.

Q. I noticed when filling out the trade specific OJT Checklist, there are items on the list that are not present in the jurisdiction where I work. Am I still expected to get trained on them?

A. Not necessarily. Your Trainer can only fill in the area for the items on which you have been trained. Keep in mind, this program uses your past experiences and applies this additional training to replace the normally required 5 years of hands on experience that satisfies one of the experience criteria. Most people will not have the opportunity to experience every facet of every trade under every condition. As a rule of thumb, your experience should expose you to at least 75% of the items contained on the OJT Checklist. Be honest and forthright regarding your training. The Committee evaluates every application on its own merits and reviews your documentation as a stand alone application.

Q. I did not have trade specific training on each and every item on the training checklist. Does this mean my application will be rejected?

A. No. We have tried to place important items related to each trade on this sheet. While your experience should be diverse and varied, having experience on every item noted on the sheet may not be required. As a general rule, a minimum of 75% of each section should be covered in your training, as a general rule. Covering all the areas of experience noted is better and some sections will require a greater time commitment to be 100% trained. If you did not receive training in a specific area, that does not automatically disqualify you. You may only state training in the areas which you actually receive it, as evidenced by your trainer’s affidavit.

Q.  What do I do when I am done with all coursework and OJT?

A.  When you have completed all BOAF’s coursework and OJT you need to fill out an online Post Application, upload all of your documents and pay the non-refundable $245.00 Post Application fee.

Q.  What documents do I need to include with my Post Application?

A.  Your Post Application package must include the OJT Checklist, OJT Report and a Trainer’s Affidavit for each trainer.

Q.  How do I upload all my documents with the Post Application?

A.  When you are you in the Post Application you will complete all the fields in the application.  You then will scroll down to the bottom of the Post Application and you will see “Please upload your completed application – Choose File”, this is where you will upload all the documents.  You will need to scan all the required completed documents into your computer and save it as one document.  When you click on Choose File, it will go to your saved documents and you can click on the file that contains all your documents and click Open.  You will then click Submit and your application is complete.

Q.  I have finished the Inspector Cross Training program and now want to take the Plans Examining for the same category, can I use all the coursework from the first for the second? 

A.  BOAF Cross Training classes have a 3 year expiration.  If you apply for a Cross Training program for the same category you can use the coursework for the 2nd program if you can complete the entire program within the 3 year date of the courses.

Q. How long does the review process take?

A. The review process typically takes about 6 weeks from the time we receive it. At the conclusion of the review, you will receive a certificate or letter with the results via email and hard copy to follow in the mail.

Q. Will my certificate be mailed to my house or my office?

A. Unless identified differently on the application, we will mail the certificate to your residence. In many cases, mail is delayed at offices or even returned to us if your name, mail stop or other information is not recognized. In order to expedite delivery, we try to use the residence address provided on the application.

Q. Can I use my Inspector training for Plans Examiner?

A. No. Inspections and plans examining are different. Classroom training may crossover, however, On the Job (OJT) or field training does not.

Q. How and when do I take the required ICC exam?

A. BOAF does not offer the ICC exam.  However, there are a couple ways to take the exam. The first and quickest way to achieve licensure is to schedule the exam through the International Code Council at and include your passing score sheet with your application. This will reduce your time to attain licensure by several weeks, or months. The next way is to complete your training and then submit an application to the BCAIB. Upon review and approval of your application, the Board will forward your information to ICC, who will in turn forward the information to the testing agency and send you a letter stating that you may then schedule the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, you must then forward your successful completion letter to the Board. After further review, and matching up the paperwork, your endorsement will be issued.

Q. Is there a difference in cost based on the time I take the exam?

A. Yes. When you schedule the exam directly with ICC, you pay the entire cost. If you wait for the Board to approve you for the exam, you only pay a subsidized cost. You might consider the money saved by taking the subsidized exam versus the time delay in obtaining the endorsement.

Q. What do I send to the BCAIB when I have completed the Cross Training Program?

A. Send a copy of the certificate you receive upon completion of the program along with your completed BCAIB application and associated fees.

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