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CDC Group A Proposal Positions
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Click here to find a list of Group A proposal positions as reviewed and compiled by Code Development Committee of the Building Officials Association of Florida.  This list is provided to you as a service from the CDC in managing the large volume of proposals to be heard at the Committee Action Hearings held in Columbus, OH, beginning April 15. 

To the best of our understanding, we have provided the list in hearing order according to Track.  Track 1 is first in its entirety, followed by Track 2.  CCC proposals can be found at the end of the document because we are unsure when these will be heard.

The list is a compilation of individual opinions from committee members, who are both enforcement and professional practitioners.  These are NOT OFFICIAL BOAF POSITIONS.  They have not been approved or disapproved by the BOAF Board of Directors or BOAF Executive Committee.   Rather, it is a reference tool that ICC members can use to vote their conscience, when floor action is taken during this committee process. 

When the Committee Actions are published, the CDC intends to return the results to the original committee member to consider the CAH action and any submitted comments. The CDC intends to circulate a subsequent list for the Public Comment Hearing prior to the October 24 hearings in Richmond. 

If you forward this compilation to other professionals, please send us the email addresses or contact information.  We recognize that once we put this compilation out into the world, the list will certainly travel – it is merely of interest to us to better know the audience that finds this work of use.  By obtaining an email address, BOAF is able to send similar communication directly to interested parties in the future and comply with SPAM regulations better.

On behalf of the BOAF Code Development Committee, we hope you find this Group A useful.  Please contact us if you have questions.


Scott McAdam, Committee Chair

Arlene Z. Stewart, Committee Vice-Chair

Contact us. 

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